How To Apply For The River Hawk Scholarship

Have you heard about the River Hawk Scholarship? It’s an undergraduate Scholarship for students who are currently enrolled in the UMASS Lowell.

Scholarships provide access to high-quality education and empower young talented people who are financially struggling by offering them equal rights just like paying students.


Successful applicants will enjoy having a high-quality education without paying for it, there are also additional outstanding rewards to acknowledge the efforts of the high-performing students.

While the application process for most scholarships is confusing, The River Hawk Scholarship makes it is own so easier for everybody can apply while drinking tea at home.

You are advised to read this post from beginning to conclusion, we have written the criteria and the application process to apply.


River Hawk Scholarship Key Info

Here is the key information to the River Hawk Scholarship.

Scholarship River Hawk Scholarship
Discipline  Selected Educational


Criteria  At least 2.0 GPA
Contact  [email protected]
Application  Submitting

Application Online 

River Hawk Scholarship Deadline 

River Hawk Scholarship offers various opportunities to current students who are enrolled in the UMASS Lowell.


If you are a current student in the UMASS Lowell you may be eligible for the scholarship, you are advised to log in to the school portal to check which scholarship is available for you.

River Hawk Scholarship Criteria 

Here are the general criteria you need to meet to be eligible for the River Hawk Scholarship.

  • Enrolled In UML; you must be a current student enrolled in the UMASS Lowell in a degree-seeking program.
  • Good Academic Standing; The scholarship was designed to assist talented people to acknowledge their efforts, you must have at least 2.0 GPA
  • Scholarships will be awarded for future terms therefore you MUST be returning to UML for the upcoming 2023-2024 academic year to receive consideration.

While most of the scholarships require a demonstrated UML GPA there are still scholarships available for new students, you are advised to check your email.

The UMASS Lowell will send an email to the Eligible students with a guide on how to obtain and start their academic journey for free.

How To Apply For The River Hawk Scholarship?

To apply for the River Hawk Scholarship scholarship follow these simple steps.

Remember to provide any additional documents required in the application process.

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