How To Apply For Maryland Child Care Scholarship

How does it feel to see your child studying without spending any penny on the cost of child care? Cool right? That’s what you get when you apply for a Child Care Scholarship.

The purpose of the Maryland Child Care Scholarship is to provide children with an early education for free through high-quality child care and early education programs, in an effort to help struggling parents.


Guess what? The scholarship covers all the care expenses for your child.

If eligible, The scholarship is available for;

  • Disabled children between the ages of 13 to 19 years old.
  • An individual 13-19 years old

While the scholarship is available for people that live within the city of Maryland you still have to be in some categories to be eligible and get your child selected, rest assured that we are going to mention all the eligibility, requirements and the method to apply.


Requirements for Maryland Child Care Scholarship

Below are the requirements you need to have in order to apply for this scholarship.

  • Verification of income; The Maryland management will conduct a verification of income to make sure you are eligible for the school, the verification of income will be discussed in the next section.
  • Informations of household; you must be willing to submit information about your household, this includes your spouse, children, or any child living in your household.
  • Proof of identity; in an effort to make sure you are a resident of Maryland, you will be required to submit your ID, means of identification can be a driver’s license, birth certificate, or government-issued identification.

Concerning the proof of income here is what your total income needs to be to meet the requirements.

Family of Income Total Income
2 $61,222 $73,899
3 $75,627 $91,287
4 $90,033 $108,675
5 $104,438 $126,063
6 $118,843 $143,451
7 $121,544 $146,712
8 $124,245 $149,972
9 $126,946 $153,232
10 $129,647 $156,492


Are you a bit confused about how this scholarship works? You shouldn’t be.

Here is how it works.


The scholarship is a signed agreement between the State, provider, and parent. It will always go to CCS Central 2 for processing.

The family of the beneficiary is expected to take the scholarship to a childcare provider that participates in the Maryland EXCELS program.

While the Scholarship covers all the child care fees after the approval of the application, the family of a child still needs to cover the assigned co-payment and any amount not covered by the Scholarship directly to their child care provider.

How to Apply For the Maryland Child Care Scholarship?

  • Access the Maryland Child Care website if you experience any error visit the help center
  • Create an account with them
  • And complete the application process

Here are more helpful links regarding to the Maryland Child Care Scholarship.

Child care scholarship login

Those who want to track their application and see its status can do so by accessing the child care scholarship portal, you can access the child care login portal here.