How To Apply For Chipotle Scholarship Program

Do you want to apply for the Chipotle Scholarship Program? Here is the complete application process.

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Key Information Of The Chipotle Scholarship Program

This is the key information of the Chipotle Scholarship Program.

Feature Description.
Program Name Chipotle Education Assistance Program.
Eligibility Full- and part-time Chipotle employees who have worked at least four months and averaged 15 hours per week.
Benefits Up to $5,250 in annual tuition assistance, discounted classes. Up to 38 college credits for on-the-job training. Chipotle-sponsored debt-free degrees in business and healthcare.
Eligible Programs
  • Undergraduate.
  • Graduate.
  • Trade school degrees.
  • GED programs. 
  • ESL programs
Application Process Create a free online account at Guild Education.
Additional Resources One-on-one counseling from Guild Education’s dedicated advisors to help employees navigate their education journey.

Scholarship Overview 

Chipotle Mexican Grill offers two education benefits programs to its employees.

Chipotle’s tuition reimbursement program and the Chipotle Debt-Free Degree program.

Eligible employees should expect $5,250 per year in Chipotle’s tuition reimbursement program.


The employees need to pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees certificates or other educational programs.

Employees need to be employed with Chipotle for at least four months.


  • Level of Study: Undergraduate graduate. Trade school degrees. GED programs. ESL programs.
  • Institution(s): Partnered with Guild Education.
  • Study in: Any eligible degree or program at any accredited institution.
  • Courses Offered: Tuition fees and other education expenses. Discounted classes and up to 38 college credits for on-the-job training.
  • Program Period: Ongoing
  • Deadline: None, but must be employed by Chipotle for at least four months and have averaged 15 hours per week.

Criteria And Requirements 

  • Chipotle Tuition Reimbursement: Up to $5,250 per year for eligible educational expenses.
  • Guild Education: Tuition assistance, discounted tuition rates, career coaching, and support services.


  • Employed by Chipotle for at least 90-120 days.
  • Work an average of at least 15 hours per week.
  • High school graduate or equivalent credential.

You will also get access to educational resources such as:

  • Tuition assistance for undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • Discounted tuition rates from select colleges and universities.
  • Career coaching and support services.

How To Apply For Chipotle Scholarship Program?

Chipotle’s ADP Workforce Now system is the platform where you will submit your tuition reimbursement application. 

It’s important to enroll in ADP Workforce Now using your Chipotle employee credentials.

  • Step 2: Complete the Tuition Reimbursement Application.

Once enrolled in ADP Workforce Now. locate the tuition reimbursement application form.

 The application will ask for your personal information and employment details as well as  educational program information.

  • Step 3: Gather Supporting Documents

Prepare the necessary documents to support your application, such as:

  • Proof of employment (paystubs or W-2 forms).
  • Enrollment verification from your educational institution.
  • Current academic transcripts.
  • Coursework registration documents.
  • Scholarship Letter

Step 4: Submit Your Application

Once you’ve completed the application form and gathered the supporting documents you have to carefully review the application for accuracy. 

Submit the application along with the supporting documents through ADP Workforce Now.

Step 5: Monitor Your Application Status

You can track the progress of your application within ADP Workforce Now. 

You will receive notifications when your application is received and approved/denied.